Discovering the DOP Olive from Ascoli Piceno

ENJOY MARCHE looks for organic and healthy food, such as the olives you find in our bag.


Our team discovered the farm OLIVE GREGORI among the amazing hills of Piceno, unspoiled Italian nature where the olives are grown with care in all the production stages.

terre picene

The olives grow on fertile and special lands. The olive grove Gregori has been in the family from generations.

OLIVE GREGORI is a family-run business that was born from the love for the Marche and the willingness of promoting high-quality local food.

stefano gregori produttore oliva ascolana tenera

In 2005 the olives got the certification DOP. This means that the processing is under constant monitoring in each stage, from the production to the packaging of the final product.

oliva ascolana tenera

The olives are collected in around mid-September and handcrafted processed. They are put in big covered foam baskets in order to avoid bruises; then they are dipped in an alkaline solution for 8-10 hours for taking away the typical bitterness of this kind of olive.

The olives are put in the jar with a concentrated salt solution, or brine, that allows the product to be stored and give a fruity taste.

oliva ascolana tenera salamoia olive gregori

More than an aperitif, the olives are a piece of art. The tasty and dainty olives from Piceno land, appreciated since Roman times, can be eaten the way they are or can be filled with meat and fried.