Eco gift ideas for Christmas

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Did you know that Christmas is it the period with the biggest impact on the environment?


Trush can increase than one-third of the normal amount during Christmas. Packaging realized with bad quality plastic materials, single-use boxes, coloured gifts wrap, cellophane, non-recyclable ribbons, are only some of the big amount of products that become non-recyclable rubbish.

This is why our company chooses only packaging with natural or recyclable materials, putting a big effort in the sensibilization of the local community towards the environment respect.

Enjoy Marche idee regalo green natale


Our jute bags are resistant and reusable; they are made with an ethical process and a fairtrade mark that guarantees both the high quality of raw materials and the respect for employees responsible for the production phasis. Moreover, the AZO-free label shows the use of no toxic colourants in the production cycle.

They are an eco-gift idea for every moment of the year, in particular for Christmas time.

They are available in different sizes and colours and perfect for small or big presents. They can be customized with serigraphy on jute or with a simple printing on a paper tag. This possibility is ideal for companies and events organizers that want to enhance their brand identity.

They are a gift themselves because they are not trash and can be reused for many purposes during the whole year. Some of our clients use them to go to the market, some others to carry their lunch to office, to do yoga, to go to the beach, to carry pets accessorizes or for a picnic. We put no limits on people imagination!


We have some new jute bag models available for Christmas 2019.

Apart from the classical model, this year the collection includes some articles, perfect for festivities:

-glittered mini bags, natural or red

maxi bag, natural or red.

A beautiful way to gift with a difference.

eco friendly christmas bags

Other available products are the petit jute or cotton bags, perfect for events and small presents. They are the ideal packaging for two or three products.

All the articles can be ordered as a gourmet gift with a selection of the best typical food products from Marche region or simple packaging for food producers, shops, hotels and restaurants.


Our eco packaging types include also a cardboard mini box, perfect for a small gift with products in tasting size. It’s a completely recyclable box: on the inside, you can find compostable wooden scrap to protect the products; on the outside, it’s customized only with jute or cotton ribbon.

christmas mini box

You can choose your favourite product and contact us by email at or by phone at +39 333 3302735. Do you have some special requests? Our team will be happy to help you.


This year we want to give the possibility to everybody to buy Enjoy Marche Christmas gifts.

It will be available the shipment both in Italy and all over Europe. We want people to discover the excellent food products in our region and make ‘marchigiani’ outside of Italy feel as they are at home.

From the next weeks, this would be possible thanks to the collaboration with a new partner, with ten years experience in international deliveries, MYMARCA Macerata. The founder Emanuele supported our ‘eco revolution”, giving visibility to our eco gift packages both in his e-commerce shop and inside his shop Casa Marche in Piediripa-Macerata.

A big honor for us and a growth occasion for our small company, with the possibility to reach more people outside of the Marche region.

Collaborazione con Mymarca