Enjoy Marche FOOD BAG: a food souvenir from the Marche Region

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Enjoy Marche food bag: the food souvenir from Marche region 1


Italy is the first country for the quality and range of the food and wine offer and the trend of buying food souvenirs is increasing year by year. Some years ago only foreign tourists used to carry home typical products in their suitcases, but today also Italians are in love with gastronomic souvenirs (40%of Italians choose typical products as souvenirs according to Coldiretti report).

Who never fell in love with the local food during a trip and wanted to bring it at home?

Sometimes it’s hard to do it because you don’t have enough time or you travel by plane and it’s forbidden to carry food inside your hand luggage.

That’s where our visionary idea came from: to let travellers buy a selection of local high-quality products, put inside a jute bag, directly from their accommodation.

How? Visiting our website www.enjoymarche.it and making an online purchase.

During the purchase the traveller could choose to receive the bag:

-directly at the hotel if he moves by car

-comfortably at home after the holiday if he moves by plane.

The ecological gift package

The Enjoy Marche bag is a perfect souvenir for a special person or for you to pamper yourself when the holiday finishes. Tasting at home the best flavours discovered during your trip, helps you to feel still on vacation and makes the end end of the holiday nicer.

It’s a food souvenir dedicated to all the people who visit our region for the first time and also to all the others who live here and don’t know all our food excellences.

We put great attention choosing a green packaging: the jute bag, a natural and resistant material, is reusable and different from the other single-use packages on the market.

Enjoy Marche food bag: the food souvenir from Marche region 2

Not only food from the Marche

We like to describe our bag as “the Marche essence”.

Inside the gourmet bag there is a selection of the most representative food products of the region, to let you taste an aperitivo, a first course and a sweet:DOP olives from Ascoli Piceno, salty snacks with pecorino cheese, broad beans cream, Sibillini Mountains pink apple jam (Slow food praesidium), wild cherry biscuits, figs salami, vino cotto and more.

Food is combined also with culture and craft. Thanks to our partnership with Giaconi Editore and Marchecraft, inside our bags you’ll find books about the Marche and all the information to book an experience with a local artisan.

Enjoy Marche Bag #rossodesiderio

The #rossodesiderio bag dedicated to the Macerata Opera Festival

As we come from Macerata we wanted to make a tribute to our city.

A #rossodesiderio special bag will be available all the Macerata Opera Festival long, in two different gourmet options: an “aperitivo” and a “dolce”. Both of them are paired with the creative book “Colora Macerata”, a collection of art details and architectures to colour about Macerata, part of the Colora le Marche collection.

Thanks to our new logistic partnership with Mymarca, from the next days, people could buy online our bags; also the shipment of the bag to the hotel will be available on an experimental basis, for people who stay in Macerata city.