Food and wine tourism is growing: the achievements of Enjoy Marche

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According to Istituto Nazionale Ricerche Turistiche and Unioncamere, there are 110 million of people who are attracted to come to Italy for food tourism and this is becoming the reason for the trip. There is a change in the concept of tourism with the food sector that is driving the economy forward.

Amoung the 110 million of people for food tourism, 43% are coming from Italy and 57% from other countries. It is mainly from abroad that, through the tasting of local products, consumer want to discover the territory and its unique food excellences.

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ENJOY MARCHE’s team submitted a survey to 90 people who love travelling and who live both in Italy and abroad. We discovered that, unanimously, all the interviewed are curious to discover and taste local food and wines when they are on vacation.

The president of ISNART, Roberto Di Vincenzo says “We have a unique heritage in the world that in 2018, declared the national year of Italian food, we could enhance even more. It is not only to point out the economic success of this sector but mainly to stress the willing of the deep bond among food, landscape and culture: hallmarks of the Italian identity.”

ENJOY MARCHE wants to spread the authenticity and the goodness of the Italian food and wine excellences all over the world through the hotels, first place the tourists get to know in a territory to discover.

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ENJOY MARCHE, up to now, is present in the Marche region and found interest in the market: 15 tourist accommodation decided to become part of the project. They are 7 four-star hotels, 5 three-stars hotels, 2 b&b and 1 luxury resort.

The products selected by ENJOY MARCHE are all made with largely unknown typical raw materials but representative of local excellences. The quality is guaranteed from local farms.

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ENJOY MARCHE represents something new in our region and the interest aroused let we trust in good prospects for the future.