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Implement proper management of the requested service. During their normal operation, the IT systems and software procedures used to operate this site acquire some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. These data (such as for example domain names, IP addresses, operating system used, type of browser device used for the connection) are not accompanied by any additional personal information and are used to: i) obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the site; ii) manage needs to control how it is used, iii) ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes. The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of such data is the need to make the site functions usable following user access. Data voluntarily provided by the user The personal data provided by the user through the form are collected and processed for the following purposes: to. for carrying out customer relationship activities based on contractual agreements. b. for administrative purposes and for the fulfillment of legal obligations such as those of an accounting, fiscal nature, or to process requests from the judicial authority; c. in the presence of specific consent, for the periodic sending, via e-mail, of newsletters and advertising material; d. in the presence of specific consent, to receive updates on our activities and reports on the publication of our blog posts; is. in the presence of specific consent, to receive promotional communications and invitations to events, training courses, webinars, special promotions or to participate in market analysis and research; f. in the case of sending a curriculum vitae, exclusively for selection purposes.

Legal basis

The legal basis that legitimizes the processing is the execution of a contract of which the interested party is a part or the execution of pre-contractual measures adopted at the request of the same.
In the cases expressly indicated, the legal basis is the consent freely provided by the interested party.

Data collected through this internet platform

For complete information, we specify that in sending communications, Alice Pizzichini makes use of her own Platform or platforms of partner companies such as MailUp and the like, which, through statistical tracking systems (e.g. web beacons), allows to detect the the opening of a message, the clicks made on the hyperlinks contained within the email, from which IP address or with what type of browser the email is opened, and other similar details. The collection of such data is functional to the use of the platform and forms an integral part of the functionality of the message sending system.
The data may also be collected for similar statistical tracking purposes such as through the use of (Google Analytics).
The legal basis that legitimizes the processing of such data is the execution of a contract of which the interested party is a party.

Nature of the provision

Apart from what is specified for navigation data and for data collected through the enjoymarche.it website, the provision of data:

with respect to the purposes referred to in letters a), b) and f) it is optional but any refusal will make it impossible for Alice Pizzichini to fulfill the contractual commitments undertaken.
with respect to the purposes referred to in letter c), d) and e) it is also optional and their use is conditional on the release of an explicit consent. Any refusal will make it impossible for Alice Pizzichini to send newsletters and advertising material or invitations to events and initiatives of ENJOY / Alice Pizzichini.

Term of data retention

The collected data will be processed by electronic or automated, IT and telematic tools, or by manual processing with logic strictly related to the purposes for which the personal data were collected and, in any case, in order to guarantee their safety in any case .
The data are kept for the time strictly necessary for the management of the purposes for which the data are collected in compliance with current regulations and legal obligations.

In any case, Alice Pizzichini practices rules that prevent the retention of data indefinitely and therefore limits the retention time in compliance with the principle of minimization of data processing


The processing of the collected data is carried out by Alice Pizzichini for this purpose authorized of the treatment according to specific instructions given in compliance with current legislation.

The data collected, if necessary or instrumental for the execution of the aforementioned purposes, may be processed by third parties appointed as external processors, or, depending on the case, communicated to them as independent owners, and precisely:
I. companies belonging to our corporate group for the purposes referred to in point 1 lett. a), b) and f);
II. people, companies, associations or professional firms that provide assistance and advice to our Company, for the purposes referred to in point 1 lett. b) and f);
III. companies, entities, banks, financial institutions, public administrations, associations that perform services connected and instrumental to the execution of the aforementioned purposes (market analysis and research service, credit card payments management, maintenance of IT systems).
The collected data may also be transferred abroad, to companies belonging to and not part of our corporate group, even outside the European Union in the forms and ways provided for by current legislation, guaranteeing in any case an adequate level of protection.

In any case, personal data will never be disclosed.


At any time you can access the data, oppose the processing or request the cancellation, modification or updating of all personal information collected by Alice Pizzichini, exercising the right to limitation of treatment and the right to data portability, by sending a e-mail to info@enjoymarche.it

The Data Processor is Alice Pizzichini who can be contacted at the following email address privacy@enjoymarche.it 333 3302735


In order to make its services as efficient and easy to use as possible, this site uses cookies.

Therefore, when you visit the Site, a minimum amount of information is entered into the User’s device, such as small text files called cookies, which are saved in the User’s web browser directory. There are different types of cookies, but basically the main purpose of a cookie is to make the site work more effectively and to enable certain features. Cookies are used to improve the User’s overall navigation.

In particular:

They allow you to efficiently navigate from one page of the website to another.
They store the username and preferences entered.
They allow you to avoid entering the same information (such as username and password) several times during the visit.
They measure the use of services by Users, to optimize the browsing experience and the services themselves.
They present targeted advertising information based on the interests and behavior expressed by the User while browsing.
There are various types of cookies. Below are the types of cookies that can be used on the Site with a description of the purpose linked to the use.

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Cookies of this type are used to integrate third-party functionality into the Site (for example, comment forms or social network icons that allow visitors to share the content of the site). Cookies in this category can be sent from the domains of the partner sites or which in any case offer the features on the site. The Owner is not required to request the user’s consent for technical cookies, as these are strictly necessary for the provision of the service. For other types of cookies, consent can be expressed by the User, in accordance with current legislation, through specific browser configurations and computer programs or devices that are easy and clear usability for the User. The Data Controller reminds the User that it is possible to change cookie preferences at any time. It is also possible to disable cookies from the browser at any time, but this operation may prevent the User from using some parts of the Site.

Third party websites
The site contains links to other websites that have their own privacy policy. These privacy policies may be different from that adopted by the owner, who therefore is not responsible for third-party sites. Pursuant to art. 122 second paragraph of Legislative Decree 196/2003 consent to the use of these cookies is expressed by the interested party through the individual setting that he has freely chosen for the browser used for browsing the site, without prejudice to the user’s ability to communicate at any time to the Data Controller its will with regard to data managed through the cookies that the browser itself has accepted.
Enabling / disabling cookies through the browser
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Further useful information on cookies is available at this address: www.allaboutcookies.org

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