Traditional sweets of the Marche region

The Marche region has a rich variety of traditional sweets, that change their names according to their origin even if they have a lot of common ingredients.

dolci tradizione marchigiana

ENJOY MARCHE has chosen a company that realizes its delicious products with local ingredients: MIV CIOCCOLATERIE.


This small company is located in Ostra, in the province of Ancona, and was born from a passion for chocolate by its founder Ivan Spadoni. Its aim’s to give the clients an intense flavour combining the great tradition of chocolate to typical products from our land, especially the ones belonging to our grandparents’ tradition.

Chocolate, praline, biscuits and delicious seasonal goods.

This sweet collection smells of history and tradition and comes from a rigid artisanal productive process. Materials are chosen after a hard selection and every single product is assembled with great creativity and care.


lonzetta di fico miv cioccolaterie

The traditional ingredients pairings concern not only chocolate but also a lot of products of this company, giving them a unique taste, such as the figs sausage we choose for our bag.

Do you know its ancient recipe?

First, you have to dry the figs and grind them finely with walnuts and rum. Then you give the mixture the shape of a sausage and you pack it (In the past people used to wrap it with a fig leaf).

Local people used to eat it paired with a glass of “passito” during festivities at the end of the meal or as an afternoon snack for children.

It’s amazing paired with cheese but we also like very much eating it alone.